Sunday 25 May 2014

A Meal With A Friend - Outfit, Face And Hair With A Review Of The Remington Ci8319 Keratin Therapy Pro Curl Volume Hair Tong *

My birthday is long gone now but my week of having a social life culminated is several days and evenings out, and on one of those occasions I managed to persuade Mummy Lou to take a few outfit pictures.

It was just something simple and a little bit dressy for a meal out with one of my best friends (read about the meal here). Alas in most of the pictures I appeared to be gurning or pulling faces - I really need to work on my posing lol but I'm putting them up anyway all be it with a bit of coverage on some of them :)

What I Wore
Indigo Skinny Jeans - George At Asda
Navy Blue Lace Peplum Top -  La Redoute
Tan Asymmetric Faux Leather Biker Jacket - La Redoute 
Gold Tone, Bead And Crystal Navy Blue Cord Necklace - Opia At Primark
Tan Sandals - AX Paris
Navy Blue Faux Suede Bow Detail Chain Strap Bag - Primark

On reflection, I wasn't that happy with the outfit, the peplum top does nothing for my shape and the dual fabric (the back is plain the front has a lace overlay) makes my look a lot bigger on the sides and hips than I world have liked. I love the lace detail tho and I have a dress in the same fabric also from La Redoute (below) that I love and that I feel a lot more confident in than I did in this. 

The jacket was a bit of an after thought but it was forecast for rain and I love the combination of navy and tan, and it went with my new favourite sandals which are from AX Paris

For make up I went for something really, really simple, I can't remember 100% what I wore but there was a bit of Mally, a bit of elf, a bit of Avon, a touch of Chanel and quite a bit of Benefit from what I remember x

The hair on the other hand was something a bit different for me. For as long as I've had hair it's been naturally straight. Due to illness and medication though my naturally straight hair has transformed into a mixture of curls, waves, and on bad days rats tails. I'm trying to embrace the curl a little bit more so I had a little play.

Fabulous beachy waves :) - you can really tell the difference when you compare the last two outfit pictures - sleek and straight to wavy and curly. I'm a bit obsessed with electrical and beauty and hair tools, so I had lots of options to choose from when it came to creating my curls and waves. What I decided to use in the end was this

Quite a while ago now I received a huge box full of Remington styling tools, and one of the products I received was the Remington Ci8319 Keratin Therapy Pro Curl Volume Hair Tong.

As you know I loved the straighteners from this range (see my post here) so it isn't surprising that I love these tongs too

Spot The Mistake - Ha Ha xx

The design itself isn't that different from any other tongs out there, they have a 19mm barrel and are in  in the traditional clamp style. They have a cool touch tip, and the clamp is also rubberised for easy,
and safe curling. The tongs also feature a long length, swivel cord, a 60 minute auto shut off,

and they come with their own heat protective pouch.

So yeah there not that different to the majority of tongs on the market in a lot of respects, where they so differ though is on the surface of the tongs. Like the straighteners they are ceramic infused with keratin proteins that are released during use, to care for and protect the hair whilst you curl. They are really easy to operate and feature just 3 buttons - an single on / off switch and both a + and a - button to control the temperature.

I love the fact that you can vary the temperature of these tongs. They feature a digital display and you can choose from 5 temperature settings between 130 and 210 degrees depending on the type of curl you want and your hair type and thickness.

I'm not amazing with tongs but these are pretty easy to use, I've tended to use them on the 190 setting, and whilst you don't need to I've used them with a heat protection spray, I've then just sectioned my hair, and starting either from the root or half way down the strands, I've just wrapped my hair around the tongs, clamped them down and waited for around 20 seconds or so depending on the strength of the curl I've wanted, and voila, tight curls or beachy waves.

I'm still a straightener lover but these might just have converted me to take a step over to the curly side. They do what they promise and I've noticed no issues with my hair after using them. There are cheaper tongs on the market but these are some of the best that I've used, they are light but substantial and I love the variable temperature setting x The Remington Ci8319 Keratin Therapy Pro Curl Volume Hair Tong retails at around £29.99 from most major retailers x

I hope you've enjoyed this little fashion and hair posts - I'm definitely going to have to work on the posing and do a bit less gurning but I enjoyed it and I'm definitely going to do more x Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please leave me a comment x

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