Thursday 10 April 2014

February And March Haul - Clothing, Shoes And Accessories

It's been a little while since I've done a haul post but that doesn't mean that I haven't been hauling, in I've bought so much stuff over the last couple of months that I'm having to put it in to two posts.First up clothes, shoes and accessories.

I've been trying to be good and not buy too many clothing bits while I've been losing weight but there are a few bits that I just couldn't resist.

You've probably already seen this on instagram or twitter, but this season Next released a couple of blog related items. This is one was from the nightwear section but due to the colour and density of the fabric you could just as easily wear it as a t-shirt but I think I'll be keeping this one for bedtime. Unfortunately I can't find it online anymore but you can still get these..

Sales are annoying things at times aren't they, I paid full price (£16) for the navy and just £8 in the sale for the Ecru version, and now yes there both back to £16. You win some, you lose I guess. If you're a blogger though you need this t-shirt. For me I'm going to use it for motivation because yes I am a big deal on my blog :) I'm trying to do a few more fashion posts so I took a quick pic of the outfit that I wore today - I need some serious posing and photography practise, but I think you get the idea :)

What I Wore
Indigo Jeggings - H&M
Navy Blue T-Shirt - Next
Black Harper Flatform Sandals - Top Shop

Work in progress I think :) The most expensive thing that I've bought over the last couple of months was a pair of shoes, surprise, surprise they are the ones that you can see above. 

I think these will be a love / hate thing for most people but I love them. They are the Harper Flatform Sandals from Top Shop. They're very chunky looking, with a flatform sole, and have a Velcro fastening on the ankle strap. I'm useless with heels, and I normally have awful issues with ankle straps so these are ideal for me. I'm not a 100% sure how I'm going to wear these but I know I will wear them a lot during the summer. They were £28 which I think is a bit steep but I liked them - just a note I did have to size down on these as they were absolutely huge - Excuse the unpainted toe nails yuckkkk

Another clothing item I picked was something that I'd shown you in my recent post on Batiste Floral, but this time the sales did work in my favour.

I'd lusted after it ever since I featured it in my post but I'd never managed to get into an Asda Store to pick one up, by the time I did though it was half price at just £5. I love, love the colours, and the textured fabric it's so bright, and fresh and I think it will be great for the summer months. I have a fab bright orange bag that I'm going to accessorise it with but other than that I'm not sure what to wear it with so if you have any suggestions please leave me a comment.

Over the last few months I've been on a real H&M love in, I only picked up a couple of accessory bits in February and March but I can see myself buying a lot more as we role into spring and summer. First up a scarf..

Oh god my scarf love in just never seems to end, I've really lost count of how many scarves that I have. My mums exactly the same as it's her fault that I got this one really :) I saw a lovely one on the website which was a mix of blue, white and black that I knew my mum would love for Mothers Day and I couldn't resist adding this heart patterned number to my basket. This is a real multi use scarf, it's so big you could use it as a wrap, or even as a sarong. I can't find it on the website any more but it also comes in a cream / grey colourway.

I also got a couple of jewellery bits from H&M including this slightly Mr T esq necklace.

It's a pretty chunky gold tone chain, with two gold tone dog tags that are engraved with inspirational phrases - Honest, Precious, Faith, Dream, Courage, and Trust. I love message and inspiration pieces like this and I know I will wear this lots.

My final H&M purchase was a set of crystal earrings x I was looking for just a plain diamond /crystal stud at Christmas and I couldn't find anything in my collection so I decided to go for these, and because you get four different sized pairs, you have bling for all occasions.

Speaking of bling what do you think of this?

Okay I have no idea why I bought this but it was cute, it's quirky so why not. I've seen them on other people but I'm not sure I can carry it off. It was only a £1 in Poundland so it no great loss if I never wear it :)

The next thing I got isn't quite as blingy but I still love it - I love natural gemstone jewellery and I love layering bracelets.

This is the Shika bracelet from Avon, I already have the Tigers Eye version, but they were both in a recent sale catalogue so I got the rose quartz version too :)

My final two purchases came from Primark - they had loads of great stuff last time I was in because but trying not to buy clothes I only ended up with two bits - My favourite hair bobbles

and some Muppets socks :)

So that was my February / March clothes and accessory haul x Please watch the video that I've made to accompany this haul, below

and as per usual if you have any questions please leave me a comment xx Thanks for reading xx

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  1. I love the blog t shirts. If it doesn't look like nightwear, sod it I say! x x


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