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February And March Haul - Beauty Featuring Avon, Rimmel, Miners And More x

Hey Guys x It's time for the long promised, second part of my February / March haul, and this time it's all about beauty.You wouldn't think it but I'm actually trying really hard not to spend so much money on beauty bits. I could seriously stock a branch of Boots based on the amount of stuff that I've got but despite that I've still picked up a few things over the last couple of months

First up Avon, as I've said before my next door neighbour is an Avon lady, I don't feel obliged to buy anything from her but I just can't help myself especially when they produce items like this.

This Marbleised Powder Blush in Self Discovery is stupidly pretty, you could wear it as a shimmery blush but for me it works way better as a summer highlight colour.

I'm not sure how well this picture shows it but it's a beautiful warm, peach nude shimmer. It's so pretty and reminds me a lot of the finish the MAC MSF's give. I think it's limited edition so move fast if you want it x

Next from Avon something I've wanted to try for a while. I'm a huge fan of their Ideal Flawless Foundation, the shade Ivory and the texture works for me perfectly so I thought I'd try it in the cream to powder formulation.

I've never really got on with cream to powder foundations before but you never know this could be the one, I'll keep you posted xx

The next 3 things I got from Avon were all lipsticks. I'm in the middle of altering my make up storage, and to be honest I couldn't believe how many lip products I own. I've done a little bit of a purge but I really shouldn't be buying any more -whoops!

The first one that I went for is the Ultra Colour Absolute Lipstick in the shade Pink Renewal.

Excuse the hideous dry scaly lips but this is actually quite a moisturising sheer baby pink shade, which is quite a bit lighter than it appears in the bullet.

The other two lipsticks that I got were from the ColorTrend range. This range is super affordable and I already own quite a few of their Kiss 'n' Go lipsticks but these ones are a little bit different.

The major difference is the packaging; Instead of the usual white packaging, these limited edition ones have red tubes covered in pink hearts.

As you can probably guess from the hearts this collection is all about love, and that's something that's also reflected in the lipstick design and in the names of the lipstick. The first one I got was Loveable.

How cute are the embossed hearts? I almost couldn't bear to use but the colour is so pretty and spring like it's already had a few outings. I'm not sure it looks in in the tube but it's a brightish pink, with just a hint of warmth perfect for people, who are scared of brights.

Again please try and ignore the state of my lips, my throat infection had ravaged my personage in more ways than one x but I hope this gives you some idea.

The last lipstick that I went for was Smoochable.

I have to be honest and say the swatch in the brochure was a little bit misleading. From the picture I thought it would be a bit nuder - is that even a word? It's a lot warmer but it has more red, and pink tones than I thought it would.

It's still super pretty though and very wearable, but again yuck lips and apologies for the full face shot apart from the lipstick I'm completely bare faced x

The last Avon item that I've bought was a nail polish. I love Avon nail polishes so much so that I'm waiting for a couple coming eek but this one isn't a colour in the conventional sense. It's actually described as a top coat.

Destination Peach is one of those pearlised iridescent colours that you can use to change the colour of other polishes. I haven't had the chance to try it out yet properly but it gives the nails almost a opal like, satin finish.

Would you believe from this, that I'm also cut down on buying nail polish, some hope, I recently added another two to my huge collection including Pacific 404 from the Barry M Aquarium Collection

and this one from a brand called Jess at Poundland. They have some really pretty colours and for a pound they're worth trying. I'll definitely be having another look at their pastel shades if this one is any good.

Breathless by Jess reminds me a lot in the bottle of Indian Ocean by Models Own. I'm definitely going to do a comparison post when I recover from a cat related nail injury - hmmm

I've being a bit obsessed with Poundland lately stocking up on Popcorn and the likes so on another trip to my local I found these Nail Rock Frou Frou gems.

These are ridiculously cute lollipop, cake and ice cream shaped charms / 3D decals that you stick on your nails. I'm not sure if I'll use them but they were too cute to leave behind. I'm also lead to believe that ones shaped like animals have been spotted, and I'm gutted that I couldn't find them :(

From Poundland to Poundworld and oddly enough something that I didn't pay a pound for! I much prefer Poundland to Poundworld but my mum had watched a documentary on pound shops which featured a £1 comfort bra so in we went. She picked up her bra, (which she loves by the way) and I found a little something in their reduced section.

I didn't know that pound shops even had reduced sections but this one did and I managed to a Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows Palette in Fashionista Pink for just 50p! I already have one of these in olive green tones that I got in a swap and I'm really pleased to pick up this one. Admittedly I'm not a huge wearer of pink eyeshadows but this was two good to turn down. One of my Instagram followers also suggested that it would make a nice blush palette, apologies that I can't remember who suggested it but yes, yes, thank you I've tried it and it's fab, so many different tones, and a highlighter all in one.

Speaking of cheek colours, the lovely Michelle from Butterflies and Lillies mentioned that the Co-Operative Pharmacy nearest to me stocked Miners make up. I've never really tried anything from Miners before so I just went for the one thing, a Blusher Brick in Pinks.

It contains three different shades, a creamy pink highlight, a cool, bright pink and a more mauve pink.

Unusually for a product with embossing detail the texture is very soft and silky and the colour pay off despite my not so good picture is really good.

Again I'm not sure how well this comes across here or in the full face Loveable post but this a very wearable cheek trio, I really, really like and I'll definitely be checking out Miners as a brand in the future.

One of my obsessions over the last few months has been the chubby lipstick, balm hybrids. So far I've managed to resist the lure of the new Revlon ones but I couldn't resist this one from Rimmel.

Why though do these things have such long and complicated names ? This ones full title is Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Long Lasting Intense Colour Balm! Really? I won't be spouting that out on a regular basis!

They were quite a few shades to choose from but my love of pink lips shone through again and the colour I went for was 110 Make Me Blush.

This is another one of those brights for people that don't like bright lips. It's a lovely cool toned bright pink, quite a bit brighter than it 's appearing which I'm in love with. For a better idea check out my haul video at the bottom of this post to see it on my lips x  The wear time is excellent, it easily survives drinking and eating, it feels nice on the lips and it has that vanilla, cocoa butter taste reminiscent of MAC lipsticks and glosses

I'll definitely consider picking a few more of these up - naughty LouLou x

It's been a little while since I've purchased anything from ebay but after seeing these on Venus Loves Virgo I thought I'd give them a go.

Yup a make up sponge on a stick, on reflection I wish I'd gone for a pointier / thinner shape but it looks fun and it didn't break the bank. It was just 99p including postage from this seller x

I also picked up a few skincare bits including some face wipes from Primark - I got some of my favourite tea tree face wipes

and I also picked up some new ones from their new beauty range  - the PS Love Your Skin Deep Facial Cleansing Wipes. Again you get two packets of wipes for a pound - I've used one pack of these already and they really aren't bad, I'm not too struck on the smell but they do the job.

Finally I jumped on the bandwagon and bought a bottle of the new Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I'll do a full review of this when I've had the chance to try it properly but first impressions are good.

The last three things that I acquired in February and March are magazine freebies. Like everything else I'm trying to cut down on the amount of magazines that I buy but a good freebie is a good freebie. The Model Co Eye Liner Pencil in Black 01 came with Glamour, the Percy and Reed Wonder Balm came with Elle and an unbranded mascara came with Company magazine x

So despite the fact that it's now the middle of April that's my February and March beauty haul x To find out a little bit more about the things in this post please watch the You Tube video below or you can see it here x

and if you want to know anything else please leave me a comment x Thanks for reading xx

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