Wednesday 12 March 2014

Fresh Breath Courtesy Of Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter Mouthwash in Fresh Clove*

I've said it before and I'll say it again there is more to beauty than skincare and make up. There's no point wearing a knockout bright lipstick if your teeth are in bad condition. Having a good oral hygiene regime isn't just important for the look and beauty of our mouths, it's also important for general health.

I've never been scared of the dentists and I've always been made aware of how important it is to look after my teeth. I brush twice a day, I try to floss regularly, and I always use mouthwash, to freshen my breath and to leave my mouth feeling squeaky clean. I used to think that all mouthwashes were made equal but way back in 2012 I was introduced to several mouthwashes from Dentyl Active and since then I've used nothing else.

The two products that I tried were Dentyl Active Complete Care in Icy Fresh Mint and Dentyl Active Enamel Restore also in Icy Fresh Mint (you can read my reviews here and here x) They did everything that you would expect a mouthwash to do and a bit more besides. Yes, they left my breath fresh, and my mouth feeling clean, but I loved the fact that they seemed to remove even the tiniest piece of food debris from my mouth and even things that normal brushing doesn't remove and sorry to be ever so slightly gross but to physically see evidence of how well it performed in your bathroom sink really was the selling point for me.

Every mouthwash I've ever used has been flavoured with some sort of mint. Think of mint and you automatically think something dentist related or chewing gum! but some manufacturer have bucked the trend and are now producing mouthwashes and toothpastes that taste of something.

Dentyl Active feature two none minty mouthwashes in there range Icy Fresh Cherry and Fresh Clove. As you probably know I'm not a cherry fan so I was pleased to be sent a bottle of the Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter Mouthwash in Fresh Clove to try out.

Like the rest of the mouthwashes in the Dentyl Active range this is a dual phase product. In the bottle you get a layer of turquoise / blue liquid and a layer of vibrant pink liquid, which you shake together to get a purple coloured liquid which appears to have tiny little sparkles in it - very pretty :)

The mouthwash itself is designed to kill 99.9% of oral bacteria, to lift plaque from the teeth and gums, and to provide long lasting breath freshness. It's also alcohol free so you shouldn't get the stinging and burning sensation that you can often get with some dental products.

What about the taste? well if I'm being honest it doesn't scream clove to me. There is definitely a bit of fresh mint there, but you don't actually get the spicy clove kick till afterwards, and whilst it leaves your mouth feeling fresh and tingly it definitely doesn't sting or burn. Performance wise it does everything that the previous variants do, and that it claims too,

This product is another winner for me and something that I will definitely consider repurchasing. My mind has been changed for good now and I really do think it's worth spending just a little bit more on your mouthwash. Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter Mouthwash in Fresh Clove retails at around £3.15 for 500ml.x Any questions please leave me a comment x

(*PR Sample)

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