Saturday 22 March 2014

Foodie Friday On A Saturday - All About Eggs - Nutrition, Recipes And More*

I'm late again - I don't know why I don't just call it Foodie Friday On A Saturday and be done with it lol. Never mind today I'm going to talk about eggs, no not the chocolate ones that we're all lusting after at the moment but the ones in your cakes, fry ups, and pancakes.

I've always loved eggs in there various guises since I was tiny, but probably more so since I became a lacto-ovo vegetarian more than 17 years ago. Eggs are a fabulous source of protein, vitamins and minerals. The average hen's egg contains vitamins including A, D, B2 and  over 56% of our daily allowance of Vitamin B12.

As a vegetarian I'm all for animal welfare and whilst eating eggs can be a little controversial, it is possible to buy more ethically sourced eggs from your local supermarket. I'm lucky 90% of the eggs consumed in my house come courtesy of two of my uncles who both keep their own free range chickens but when I do buy eggs I try to choose wisely.

The amount of eggs on display in the supermarket can be quite baffling these days but something to look for is the British Lion Egg mark. This British Lion scheme which launched in 1998 is designed not only to protect consumers but also to protect producers, farmers and the birds themselves. Their code of practise means amongst other things means that the birds are vaccinated against salmonella, and that each egg is fully traceable from farm, to the chicken to the egg. Members of the scheme must also have higher animal welfare standards than are required by law, and standards that match the RSPCA's own Freedom Food principles. All you need to look for is the British Lion logo both on the egg box and printed on the eggs themselves to buy eggs from producers that take part in the scheme.

Throughout this post you can see pictures of just some of the things that I use eggs for, from scrambled eggs on a bagel to serving a soft boiled egg with steamed asparagus, and if you check out my recipe page above you can also find out some of the other recipes in which I use eggs. I've got a couple more suggestions for you here but you can also find lots more recipes on the British Lion Eggs recipes website which includes recipes from chefs including Gizzi Erskine, Paul Merrett and Lesley Waters and from celebrities such as Michelle Keegan and Liz McClarnon.

The first recipe of mine that I'm going to show is something that I first mentioned on the earlier this month. From what I gather Chickpea Dahl Loaf or Curry Loaf is a widely used recipe on the Slimming World plan. I can't find a source for the original but there are various recipes all over the internet for it but this is the simplest one by far x

Chickpea Dahl Or Curry Loaf

1 Packet Curry Savoury Rice
1 Can Chickpea Dahl
4 Eggs
A Few Sprays Of Fry Light

1. Make up the savoury rice as per the packet instructions - I just did mine in the microwave x

2. Put the chickpea dahl in a pan and heat through. I'm using Asda's own here, you can also buy it in Sainsbury and Morrisons. I'm definitely going to try making my own though - I'll keep you posted x

3.Spray a loaf or a muffin tin with Fry Light. I'm using silicone here but a couple of sprays just make it easier to get out. Preheat the oven to about 180 for a fan oven.

4. Then beat your eggs

5. Add your cooked savoury rice and your warmed dahl to a large mixing bowl

Give them a mix together and then add your beaten eggs

and mix till combined.

6.Then pop it into your tin and bake for around 30-40 minutes.

When your loaf is golden and feels firm to the touch it's done

7. You can then leave it in the tin till its completely cold or you can leave it for about 20 minutes, if your serving it warm.

It will crumble a bit but it doesn't really matter. I'm serving it with salad here but you can serve it with veg or chips or even as a snack or in a packed lunch.

This stuff is strangely addictive and only the fact that it's so filling stops me eating the lot :) If you can contain yourself it keeps really well in the fridge for a few days wrapped in cling film x

My next recipe is something that until recently I'd never thought about making myself but why not? Egg Fried Rice is so ridiculously easy to make so I'm almost embarrassed to call this a recipe it's so, so easy. This is the way I like it but you can add what vegetables you like or even prawns, or chicken

Super Easy Egg Fried Rice 

100g Rice (I'm Using Basmati)
50g Frozen Peas (Defrosted)
50g Pepper (Red Or Orange)
2 Spring Onions
1 Clove Garlic
Fry Light Garlic Oil Spray
Soy Sauce
1 Egg

1. Chop up your spring onions, and peppers, and finely chop your garlic.

2. Cook your rice, everyone has their own methods so stick with the one that works for you x 

3. Spray your pan with cooking spray, I'm using the garlic one here for extra flavor you could also use oil if your not watching your weight.

Then add your peppers and garlic and cook over a medium heat.

4. Then add your spring onions and cook for a few minutes (I added a bit more cooking spray)

and then your peas.

Then add a few shakes of soy sauce, and cook till starting to soften

5. Crack your egg into a bowl

6. Drain your cooked rice

and then add to the pan

 Stir in the rice and add another shake of soy sauce

7. Then make a well in the middle and add your beaten egg, 

and start breaking it up and stirring it as it cooks

and then mix it into the rice

9. Add another few shakes of soy sauce to  taste and then serve

I'm serving mine with veggie sausage casserole  but you can serve it with anything you like on it's own even or with sweet n sour or even chilli.

I hope that this post has inspired to try a few more egg recipes and to think a little bit more about the eggs that you buy.  If your interested in egg recipes and you like cookery book keep checking back for a post that will combine the two ;) Thanks for reading and I'd love to know your favourite egg recipes so leave me a comment and let me know x 

(*This Post Was Written On Behalf Of British Lion Eggs - A Form Of Compensation Was Provided And Will Be Featured In A Future Post.)

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