Sunday 6 September 2009

AVON + Hello Kitty Love

I was just having a peek through the latest Avon catalogue before its collected tomorrow and wow - they have Hello Kitty items!!! I bought a few Hello Kitty summer bits a few months ago (flip flops and a beach bag) but they have new stuff including watches, jewellery and PJ's - I may have ordered a pair of PJ's - whoops I am in my 30's and I still can't be helped but they are so cute and you get free slipper socks:) I also found out this week from my representative and also from their PR company that Avon now have a facebook page which has loads of offers and product pics on it - if your on facebook don't forget to check it out x
Oh and don't forget my giveaway finishes on Wednesday xxx


  1. ha ha ordeing more stuff, mate. You must have a well paid job x

  2. LOL I used too - unfortuntaely I had to give it up due to ill health (my ME :( )- alas old habits die hard and I still keep trying to reign my spending in a bitlol - still I don't hav any other vices bar clothes and make up so what's tha harm lol

  3. oooh I'm loving some of the Avon stuff lately as well, especially the lipsticks. The new mineral ones are gorgeous! I got cranberry and pink quartz, both are lovely on!

    I also love the pro to go lippys, I love cherry glisten and nude pink the most! I also ventured out and got myself a glimmersticks eyeliner in cosmic brown, which i was quite impressed with for £3!

  4. coool I'll have to look out fior those ones x


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