Sunday 13 September 2009

2true Instant Length Mascara Review

As you know I was sent a lovely bagful of 2true cosmetics by the lovely people at Superdrug to try. Strangely enough I had never tried anything from this range despite the amazing price point - most items being £1.91 each or you can get 3 items for £5 :) The first product I tried was the Instant Length Mascara in 01 Black.

The product comes in a typical style tube in black and silver with metallic pink text. It is 7mls in size which to me is the most economical - with a smaller tube you certainly get less wastage and you are more likely to be able to use more of the product before it dries out
The brush is nothing fancy just a typical fibre, conical brush - in my opinion the way mascara brushes should be
The product is a good consistency not too wet and not too dry and it seems to cover the lashes quite well

2true claim this Mascara "Lengthens and separates lashes. Non Smudging, non clumping" and I have to say I agree with them as hopefully my before and after pics show -can I just add haven't used a lash comb in the after pics - what you see is what you get



What I Think
Well as I say this mascara certainly did what it promised for me without any stinging or irritation. You can certainly see the difference on my lashes, and it also seemed to last pretty well on my lashes and was actually a bit of a bugger to remove. Is this the best mascara I've used probably not but neither is it the worst I have used. I have paid a lot more money, and been a lot less impressed than I was with this one. Another huge plus point is the price point at £1.91 or 3 2true products for £5 - you certainly can't argue with the price, and I think its well worth a go for under £2. As for as I am aware 2true products are exclusive to Superdrug (although I stand to be corrected if I am wrong). Any questions please ask. Keep checking back for more 2true product reviews x


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