Thursday 3 January 2008

2008 = Great - Not So Far!

Happy New Year and a very belated Happy Christmas readers!
Christmas was fab I got some amazing goodies, ate some yummy food and generally made merry! After Christmas however things started to go down hill. From Boxing Day onwards I started to develop the lurgy cold flu or whatever it is! Aches, pains you name it, then vomit, snot and now a hacking tickly cough! What an amazing start to 2008 and the football hasn't been much better! Here's hoping things can only get better - I have made some resolutions but I ain't going public with them - they aren't anything spectacular but they are personal ! At least the place looks nice today outside anyways - lovely snow making everything look clean and fresh better than indoors anyways all bare with the tree and the decoration being taken down!
Oh something good did happen I got an A for my first Counselling assignment!

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