Monday 26 March 2007

Guilty Pleasures - Part 3 - TK Maxx!!!

Don't you just love TK Maxx!

Yes it looks like a jumble sale at times but there are some real gems to be had!

The other day one of my local branches had some fab designer stuff including Missoni, Calvin Klein Couture, Cerruti and the wonder that is Emilio Pucci all for loads less than the rrp !

I am the world biggest Pucci fiends, the colours, the swirls - amazing ! and to get a bag for over £100 less than the retail price made me a very happy Lou Lou!

I've bought some fab Missoni, Chloe, CK, Matthew Williamson and Givenchy in the past - amazing labels for a cheaper price

With TK Maxx we can all afford a bit of designer in our lives - brave the jumble sale like rails, practise your rifling and grab a bargain!


  1. How do you manage to find good stuff? I never see anything in the branches I go into!!

  2. I am quite lucky I have 3 vaguely decent branches where I live and I think I have a homing instinct for good stuff!
    I even have Missoni bath towels! LOL


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