Saturday 2 October 2021

Nails Of The Day - Morgan Taylor Platinum - Disco Days

Okay, slight change of plan! The Foodie Friday post that I promised you will now go live next Friday, and in the meantime I will have another empties post that will go up on Monday, and today I've got a nails of the day post for you and it's another holo!

Although I think I've showed you a few Morgan Taylor polishes in previous haul posts and advent calendar unboxing this is the first time I've tried one properly on the blog. If you haven't heard of them before, Morgan Taylor is a US based professional nail polish brand, with other 30 years of experience in the nail business. As well as been known for their innovative colours, and textures, they are also cruelty free, and formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP free.

From their 2018 Platinum collection, this polish, Disco Days, like all of Morgan Taylor's other lacquers comes in a custom designed bottle, which is specially designed with deeper and clearer glass so you see the colour bottle and you can see exactly what you are buying.

Inspired by radiant gems and minerals from the earth, all of the polishes in the platinum range were infused with rare and precious elements which is exactly what this polish reminds me of.

Officially described as 'green holographic' for me it's more of a blue / green, almost turquoise shade which is crammed full of fabulous multi coloured holographic sparkle, which changes in the light and when you move your hands. It's almost impossible to capture just how beautiful this polish actually is but the above photographs are taken in natural light, and all of the photographs below are taken with the camera flash, so you can hopefully just some of the shifts in colour and sparkle.

Like all Morgan Taylor polishes Disco Days, has a lightweight, easy to control, and easy to hold cap but  since this colour was from a special and more luxurious range, it has a gorgeous shiny, chrome, silver lid. The brush inside is quite short, which again makes it easy to control, it's quite a wide brush and it has a curved top which fits the cuticle perfectly.

It was really easy to paint with and to control, and it only took one or two stripes to cover my nails. The first coat was a little bit streaky on some nails, so I went for my usual two coats. The finish as you can see is super smooth and shiny even without a top coat.

When it comes to wear time, holographic polishes can work in one of two ways, like the original GOSH Holographic they can only last for around 24 hours without chipping, or they can go on for ever, and thankfully this particular lacquer fell in the second category. Even with no top coat I got a full week out of this polish before I started to see the odd chip and a bit of tip wear, and I've currently got it on my toes and despite being nearly two weeks in, it still looks decent!

Is there such a thing as the perfect nail polish? I'm not sure if there is but for me this one is pretty damn close! It was a dream to paint, the brush and formulations was perfect, the wear time was fantastic, and the colour and finish was to die for. I'm so, so happy with this colour that I've already ordered another polish or two from the Platinum collection, and I'm going to be digging out a few of my previously ignored Morgan Taylor polishes to try. Although it's a few years old now Morgan Taylor Platinum - Disco Days is still available online - although the RRP is £11.50 for a 15ml bottle, you can get it for around £8.63 from eBay, Amazon, and from Nail Polish Direct. If you love holographic polishes like I do then you need this one in your life! I've currently got two awful nails on my main photograph hand, but once they grow up a little bit more, I've got a whole load more nails of the day posts planned including some more holos from Maggie Ann, OPI, Nails Inc, and A-England, as well as a whole load of other creams, shimmers and glitters x So if you like nail polishes and nail posts make sure your subscribed x 

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