Saturday 26 June 2021

My First Primark Haul Of 2021 - Clothes, Jewellery, Hair Accessories, And Beauty

Hey everyone, I hope you've all had a lovely week x Thankfully things have calmed down here a bit, and touch wood my Mam seems to be on the mend.

Now, even though I've been doing a little bit of online shopping (check out the Instahaul highlights tab on my Instagram), nothing beats shopping in real bricks and mortar stores. Thankfully the shops opened up on the UK just in time for my birthday, so way back in May I took a quick trip to the Metrocentre to get my brows waxed and to do a little bit of shopping.

I didn't actually buy that much, I didn't really need anything to be be fair, it was more about the actual thrill of being out of the house, being around other people, and returning to some kind of normality.

One shop I did buy some bits in though was Primark, I didn't go crazy but I bought a few essentials, a couple of bit to try and a few things that I couldn't resist.

One thing that I love, and that I always buy in Primark are their stretch t-shirts. I own them in loads of different colours and I think that they are so flattering, and comfortable. I also love the length and whilst it does sometimes vary, the majority of them are long enough to at least cover my hips.

Now my aim was to stock up on basics and to a few t-shirts in both black and navy, but unfortunately the largest size that I could find in the navy was a medium (I usually buy an XL). I did however manage to get one of the short sleeve, stretch crew neck t-shirts in black which was £2.50.

Since these shirts are quite fitted, I think you could dress them up with a smart pair of trousers, and a blazer, or you can dress them down like I have here with a pair of jeans (excuse the smudged mirror).

As well as the plain black, stretch crew shirt, I also went for one of the striped ones. I have quite a few stripy tees in. my collection, and I'm actually this same colour way in the long sleeved version today. In the same crew neck, short sleeved style, this one is white, with pale blue (a lot lighter than it appears on camera) horizontal stripes. This one was a little bit more expensive at £3.50.

I also picked up another t-shirt in a slightly different style and fabric. Described as a "Printed Tee", this one is a little bit shorter, and the fabric is a little bit thicker, and less stretchy. Again with short sleeves, and a crew neckline, this navy blue t-shirt has a white star and dot design. This one was £2.50 and given the design I also think that it would make a nice PJ top.

Next up something that I saw and loved on sight! Like so many curvy people I was always told that horizontal stripes would make me look larger! Seriously though who makes these stupid rules? Needless to say I'm passed that now, and I've full embraced the horizontal stripe in my wardrobe.

I have quite a few different striped dresses in my collection now, but this one was just a little bit different. In a dark navy blue stripe, it's made of a slightly stretchy jersey. It's a full length maxi dress with a wide crew style neckline, and slightly capped almost batwing style sleeves. It has a drawstring waist and a fabric belt.

I don't think it has a lot of hanger appeal but it's really nice in the flesh and I'm looking forward to wearing it once the weather improves. It was £10.

That was it clothes wise but I also bought some nightwear, and some underwear pieces. 

I'm huge fan of Primark's nightwear, and I could resist these pretty pj's. Unlike the ready packaged and ribboned sets I actually but these pieces as separates which meant that they were a little bit more expensive than the regular sets but for me they were well worth it both appearance wise and quality wise.

They are made of the softest, mid weight fabric that you've probably ever felt. They feel gorgeous and with their gorgeous dark green / teal background, and bright tropical flower print, they look gorgeous too. The long sleeved cuffed top was £7, and the legging like bottoms were £8.

Now it's been a while since I managed to buy a bra in Primark. Quite a while ago now they used to do a range of bras in sizes D-F but they seems to disappear but as I discovered a few weeks ago, look hard enough and you might be lucky.

I love under wiring but I hate padding in my bras, and bras like this one are perfect. Made of a gorgeous soft ivory fabric I paid £8 for this but I would say that the fit is a little bit small so if your looking at these I'd either try it on first or I'd size up slightly. It's just a tiny bit tighter cup wise than I would have liked but it fits, it's wearable and I love the copper / rose gold detailing.

There is really nothing worse, clothing wise, when you buy a piece of clothing but it's just slightly too sheer. Well just before lockdown 1 last year,  I bought a gorgeous silky, nude beige top, from F&F at Tesco, the only trouble is that it's just a touch see through, so whilst you could get away with just wearing a tonal bra underneath, I don't feel confident enough to do that so I decided to get a underwear style camisole to wear underneath it.

I honestly thought that it would be really easy to find one but it actually took a while, and I ended up buying one from Marks and Spencer online. I can't remember how much I paid for it it now but somewhere around £12 seems about right. I had initially looked in Primark last year for one but they didn't have anything in my size, this time though they did, and it's almost identical to the one that I got in Marks and Spencer. It's nude in colour, silky soft, almost invisible under clothing and it has adjustable straps, and it was only £3!

So I got the camisole, and then I picked up some coordinating underwear to match. Yes guys, I'm showing you my knickers, I haven't got the guts to model them but I'm showing you them anyway! These super cute scallop edged, mini briefs are invisible under clothing so you can wear them under the tightest and clingiest garments without seeing a telltale VPL. This pack of 3 was £5 and whilst the colour looked identical to the camisole under the bright lights in store, it isn't quite the same, but do we really need to match our underwear all of the time? Oh and another sizing tip, I got the XL but I probably could have sized down in these because they are quite stretchy and as a result fairly generous size wise.

So that was it for clothes, pj's and underwear, now for jewellery and accessories, and first up hair accessories. I literally buy hair bobbles all the time but what on earth happens to them and where do they go? I love animal print so I picked up this pack of 3 black and animal print satin scrunchies for £2, and this pack of 20 No Snag black hair bobbles for £1.

One section that I can never resist checking out in Primark is the jewellery department. If I never ever bought jewellery again I'd probably still have too much for just one person. You know how it is though Primark just drags you in and I ended up treating myself to just a few pairs of earrings.

I love hoop earrings, and having multiple ear piercings I find them really easy and comfortable to wear. Obviously just costume jewellery this first pair are basically just a chunky gold hoop with an enamel, cloisonne, floral bead. I love enamel / cloisonne jewellery and I have a nice little collection of both modern and vintage bracelets and bangles, and these £2 earrings will work perfectly with them.

Next up the first of two sets of earrings that I picked up, and these ones are perfect for people, like me, with multiple ear piercings. In this set you get three pairs of gold tone, gem set, pear shaped studs, and three matching pairs of gold tone hoops, with slightly bigger pear shaped gems dangling from them, in pink and green crystals, and in a slightly pale blue opalescent crystal. These were £2 for 6 pairs.

The final set of earrings that I got contained a massive 20 pairs of studs. The pack contains various gold tone studs, ranging from balls, to hearts and diamond shapes, as well as studs containing clear, lilac and blue crystals, and some containing almost lapis lazuli type stones. A nice assortment, again perfect for multiple piercings and a bargain at just £3.

Finally I picked up a few bits from the beauty section, and I got a few bits from one of their new body care lines.

All of the products that I bought have a bit of a Sol de Janeiro vibe with the bright yellow packaging and coconut, summery, beach like scent

The three products that I picked up were the 125ml Clay Body Mask which was £3, the 125ml Body Cream which was £3, and the 100ml Body Firming Gel which was also £3.

I haven't had a chance to try these bits properly but I do have some of the real Sol de Janerio products so I can see if these bits are possible dupes for the Brazilian Bum Bum range x Obviously I'll let you know my thoughts in a future empties post x 

So that was it, my first Primark haul of 2021. I was actually supposed to have gone to the Metrocentre this week but that's had to be put on hold for a bit, so as per usual if you have any questions please let me know, and don't forget to keep an eye out on my Instagram and my Instagram Stories to see some more mini hauls x 

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