Monday 26 October 2020

Nails Of The Day - China Glaze - Ma-Holo At Me

I know that this is probably going to be be the kiss of death for them, but my nails are currently the longest and nicest that they've been in years - despite all the hand washing and sanitising, my current nail care regime seems to be doing the trick, and at last I have nails that I think are worth showing off, and what better colour to show them off with, than a lovely sparkly holograph.

From their 2019 summer collection, Shades Of Paradise, China Glaze Ma-Holo At Me is a gorgeous pale, denim blue holographic sparkle. That shimmers, sparkles and changes colour as you move your hands. I've taken all of the pictures in this post with the flash so you can see it's true beauty but I think this video just shows how sparkly and beautiful it actually is.

The polish itself came with a long thin brush that was surprisingly easy to paint with. The polish itself was quite runny so you did have to watch out for drips but the brush was quite easy to control so it was pretty easy to be precise with your application.

The first coat was quite sheer, and on most nails 2 coats would probably have been enough, but since I wanted to show off the true wow factor of this polish I went for 3 coats - Because the polish was quite liquidy and the brush was so easy control the coats that I applied were quite thin so the polish actually dried quite quickly.

The finish as you can see was perfect, smooth, shiny, and very glossy. Normally one of the negative aspects of holographic polishes is the wear time but I actually got around 5 days out of this polish, with no top coat and only minimal tip wear, in fact with a couple of touch ups I probably could have gotten another couple of days out of it, but you know more polishes to try and all that..

Even now looking back at these pictures, I don't see how a flat picture of even a short video clip could ever do this polish justice. It really is beautiful, and it's amazing how the multi coloured sparkles just bounce out in the light. Alas like so many polishes in my collection this one is pretty hard to find now. China Glaze just doesn't seem to be that widely available in the UK anymore, so eBay will probably be your best bet. If you're in the US though you're in luck as this particular shade appears to be still available direct from China Glaze and online from Walmart. Don't worry though if you can't get your hands on this particular polish - I am a huge fan of holographic nail polishes and I have a couple more similar shades to share with you over the next few months, that might be a little bit easier to get your hands on, so make sure you stick around to see them x Let me know if you're a fan of holographic polishes in the comments and I will see you soon with my September beauty empties x

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