Wednesday 18 July 2018

Trimming My Stash - June 2018 Edition - Empties, Mini Reviews, And Life Lately

We're now more than half way through 2018, and if I'm honest I can't wait for it to be over. I seem to be saying this a lot lately but the last few weeks have been pretty rubbish again. More health issues for both me and my mam, a few MH issues for me, and a poorly kitty means that I'm struggling on a lot of fronts at the moment.

As per usual my blog and my social media presence has suffered although I've managed to upload a few You Tube videos, I've missed a couple of events lately, and my blog especially has been a little bit quiet. I can't guarantee that is going to change in the very near future but I'm going to try a little bit harder to make time for you guys x I have a pile of unboxing videos to do, and I've started photographing a few bits for some up and coming posts so fingers crossed you might be seeing me a  bit more regularly in your subscription feeds. First up though lets take a little look back at all of my beauty empties from June!

Scrub Love Detoxifying Activated Charcoal Body Scrub - Cucumber And Bamboo - 100g

Primark PS Cuticle Oil - 10ml
Philosophy The Gingerbread Man Foaming Bubble Bath And Shower Gel - 480ml
The Body Shop Dewberry Bath And Shower Gel - 250ml

Total - 4 Items 

Not my best performance I'm afraid with just four items, but I did manage to tackle some of the many half full bottles that are littering my shower cubicle, including a real blast from the past, and I also managed to finish one of the worst / best products that I've used x 

1. Scrub Love Detoxifying Activated Charcoal Body Scrub - Cucumber And Bamboo - 100g

Is it possible to love and hate a product in equal measure? Well after trying this body scrub I think it is! I've tried a few products from Scrub Love now and whilst I love the concept I've had more misses than hits so far. I generally love the scrubiness and the textures but my biggest issue with them is that they can be very messy. I'm going to be honest with you though, the mess that every other Scrub Love scrub that I've tried, combined, pales into comparison with this one!

Think traditional body scrub and you'd be way off the mark, in reality this pouch contains a faintly but slightly strange scented, slightly damp, fine grit. I really can't gloss this up at all that exactly what it looks like, black dirt or grit, that literally went everywhere, it covered the floor of the shower, and it clogged up the shower drain. It literally looked like someone had been to B&Q bought a bag of black sand or grit and thrown it on the shower floor! To say my mam wasn't pleased was an understatement and she banned me from ever buying it again!! (I actually got it in a beauty box so I didn't technically pick it out myself in the first place, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!).

Eek! Fair enough I guess but the annoying thing is that despite the mess, and the slightly strange but thankfully faint scent, I actually loved how this product made my skin feel. I literally massaged clumps of it into the damp skin on my knees, elbows, bum and thighs, and the result was one of the most grittiest and most thorough scrubs that I'd ever used. It rinsed off fairly easily (much easier than it was to clean out of the shower anyway!) and it literally left my skin feeling like silk, velvet, kittens ears, and anything else that you can think of that is super soft. My skin felt smooth, clear, clean and alive!

This scrub certainly did what it promised. This scrub would be perfect ahead of fake tanning, a body treatment or when you need your skin to feel soft, and touchable, and to look amazing. For some people this scrub would be a bit too scrubby, and obviously there is the mess factor, but if you can handle that this scrub really does deliver.

2. Primark PS Cuticle Oil - 10ml

There isn't a lot else that I can say about this really that I haven't already said apart from for only £1 a bottle this stuff in my opinion can't be beaten! I don't know whether it's down to the amazing weather that we've had over the last few weeks but my nails have gone to hell, thankfully I have several more bottles of this wonder liquid on the go so hopefully it shouldn't be too long before they're strong, hydrated and paintable again.

3. Philosophy The Gingerbread Man Foaming Bubble Bath And Shower Gel - 480ml

This used to be one of festive bath and shower essentials but since I've discovered some of the equally good, more budget friendly dupes from brands like Beauticology, Treacle Moon and I Love.. I haven't shown Philosophy quite as much love as I used to, but if you can afford to splash out a little bit than Philosophy shower gels are pretty damn good!

Philosophy The Gingerbread Man is usually released just in time for  Christmas, and this bottle has been in my shower since around November time. Like all Philosophy shower products it has a rich and creamy texture and it can also be used in the bath. Obviously I used it in the shower and only a tiny amount produces a rich and creamy lather.

I'm sure I've talked about this scent before but don't think ginger root, it doesn't even an out and out ginger biscuit fragrance, the scent is foodie based but its more a warm and spicy combination of ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and baking spice. If you aren't a huge fan of sickly, foodie fragrances though don't let that put you off trying this. It's spicy and warming but not too sweet or sickly. I definitely think that this is a unisex product, and it's also one that I think children would like. When it is available this isn't the cheapest shower product but it's a great one for a family bathroom at Christmas or at quite frankly any other time of the year.

4. The Body Shop Dewberry Bath And Shower Gel - 250ml

Like so many little girls that grew up in the late 1980's and 1990's one of the scents of my childhood, and pre teen to early teenage years was The Body Shop Dewberry. I flirted with some of their other scented like White Musk, Fuzzy Peach and Green Apple but I always came back to my one true love, Dewberry. There was literally nothing like it, and the merest sniff of that sweet, juicy, yet warm and tart scent transports me to days of PE skirts, Head sports bags, and French homework, not always good memories but memories of my past and the things that made me who I am.

It's funny how fragrance can do that, but unfortunately The Body Shop moved on and some time after the heady days of 1990 and 1991 Dewberry disappeared from their shelves before being briefly reintroduced in the early 2010's. I picked up this bottle when it was reintroduced and I'm ashamed to say I've treasured it and eeked it out way longer than the use by date suggested.

Never mind it hasn't changed texture and it still smelled the same so I risked and loved it. In The Body Shop's aloe vera enriched, high foaming yet moisturising formulation, this product was a delight to use and I'd repurchase it again in a heartbeat if I could, now if you'll excuse me I need a minute to yet again mourn this bottles passing - sniff!

Come on The Body Shop please, please bring Dewberry back, you've bought Banana back and I'm sure I'm not the only one that's missing a bit of Dewberry nostalgia! If they don't, if you can recommend any thing that smells the same, I'd love to know, sometimes you just need something to trigger those memories of life when it was a little bit less complicated! As well as Dewberry recommendations don't forget to let me know if you have any other questions or comments on any of the products that I've finished or quite frankly on anything else xx

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