Wednesday 7 March 2018

Maggie Anne Nail Polishes And A Nails Of The Day - Maggie Anne - Carmella

I know blog posts have been a bit thin on the ground generally, recently but nails of the day posts in particular have been practically non existent - I'm not going to lie to you my nails at the moment are appalling their very, very short and they look dry and not very Instagram worthy. I'm dousing them in treatments and oils, and praying that some day soon I'll have nails that are worthy of all of the pretty polishes in my collection.  In the meantime though I've got a couple of nails of the day posts coming up for you that I managed to shoot pre dryness, and pre breakage, one is a reshot post featuring an amazing shade that if you're a real nail buff you'll probably have seen before, and in today's post I'm introducing you to a new (to me at least!) and exciting nail polish brand.

As obsessed as I am with the big nail polish brands I love discovering new brands, new formulations and new colours, and believe their are a lot of lesser known and cult brands out their that are doing amazing things when it comes to nail polish.

If you've ever watched any of the videos on my You Tube channel you will know that I'm partial to the odd unboxing video. Although I don't get anywhere near as many beauty subscription boxes as I used to, you can still regular Glossybox, and Pink Parcel unboxings. I know that these boxes have their critics and to some they don't always represent good value for money but personally I love them. Yes in some cases you are taking a bit of a risk but the amount of amazing products that I've discovered, for me makes it a risk worth taking.

Pink Parcel is definitely one of my favourites, it's basically a period subscription box, that contains sanitary products and some beauty and lifestyle products specially selected to make that time of the month just that little bit easier (You can find out more about Pink Parcel here). In a recent box I was really excited to receive a bottle of nail polish from a brand that was brand new to me, Maggie Anne (You can watch my unboxing video here).

Like a lot of brands in Pink Parcel Maggie Anne are a UK based company. They produce a wide range of ultra glossy, streak free, nail polishes in just about every colour that you can think of from basic reds, to blues and greens. They also produce a large range of specialist polishes including chromes, holographic sparkles (NEED!), and metallics, as well as nail accessories, top coats and polish removers.

As well as being a UK brand and having an amazing array of polishes,  Maggie Anne is also a vegan, cruelty free and toxin free nail brand. All of their polishes are free from the 6 chemicals that you will find in a lot of nail polishes on the high street, and as a result their polishes are ideal for people with sensitivities and allergies, and perfect for pregnant women and people undergoing cancer treatments, so if you've experienced nail polish allergies or irritations in the past this could be a brand to try.

Without The Flash

With The Flash

The polish that I received in my Pink Parcel, was a metallic shade called Carmella, now I can't currently find this on the official Maggie Anne site but if you like the look of it then you can still buy it on Nail Polish Direct.

Without The Flash

Packaged in a square bottle, that's very reminiscent of a certain brand that begins with the letter C, it has the same type of lid, the chunky, glossy black, square lid pulls off easily to reveal an easy to hold brush cap style lid, and a short but wide brush.

With The Flash

Carmella is decscribed as a "bronzed, gold shimmer" but for me it more of gold shimmer with a hint of metallic khaki, or golden olive. I've taken a few pictures in different lighting conditions, both with and without the flash to give you an idea of how it almost seems to morph between several shades. Without the flash it looks a little bit more green where as the flash almost seems to highlight the metallic, gold shimmer element. It's a very unusual shade and I'm not sure I've quite done it justice here.

The Maggie Anne polishes are described as having a gel like formulation and as a result I did find this polish to be quite thick, and a little slow to dry. I did find that this was one of those shades that needed pretty A1 application, some metallics and chromes have a way of highlighting every application error and this was one of them, so a steady hand was definitely needed. The first coat was quite sheer but two coats was enough on most nails for full coverage, smooth, glossy and sparkly nails.

With The Flash

I managed about 4 days wear without a top coat which is pretty decent for me and considering the slightly thicker nature of the polish.

Without The Flash

As I say I love being introduced to new brands and I can definitely see myself picking some more Maggie Anne polishes in the future, the Holographic Sparkles range in particular is calling my name. Maggie Anne Nail Polishes come in a 10ml bottle and have an RRP of around £10.50, and they are available from the Maggie Anne website, and from various retailers including Nail Polish Direct and Love Lula. Have you tried any of Maggie Anne's polishes before? Let me know below and let me know what you think about this shade x 

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