Monday 12 February 2018

Happy 11th Birthday LouLouLand !

Well there were times over the last 12 months that I didn't think that I would make it this far but I have and today my blog is celebrating it's 11th birthday.

About this time every year I normally write a post sharing some of my wisdom about blogging and what I've learnt over the last however many years. I don't really want to repeat myself too much so all I can say is that most of what I've learnt in the past 10 or so years still applies.

Over the last 12 months or so I've struggled on so many levels, and it's probably pretty obvious to most of you that I've struggled when it comes to blogging as well.

A lot of that has been to do with personal things and health issues but at times I've really felt as though that my blog has ran it's course.

There is no doubt that blogging has become harder and harder as time has gone on, there are so many bloggers out there now that you sometimes feel as though your getting lost in a sea of people with way more talent, charisma and presence than you will ever have.

I've talked on several occasions about finding your own niche, about going your own way, and doing your own thing, and not comparing yourself to others but I'm not going to lie it's easier said than done at times.

If you're lacking in the old self belief and self confidence thing it really doesn't take a lot to make you question on whether it's all worth while and whether any one would really care if you just hit the delete button and moved on! Then though, I look back at everything that's happened to me because of blogging and then I think yeah, I may not have kazillions of followers and get sent on press trips to the Maldives ;) but I'm doing pretty well thank you very much! I've worked with some amazing brands, I've met some lovely people and I've had so many lovely messages and emails over the years from readers that just makes it all worth while.

I guess what I'm trying to say is never give up on anything, look at how far you've come, how hard you've worked and what you've achieved so far. Obviously we all want to be right up there and be the best that we can be, but beating ourselves up and thinking that we're a failure because of a few numbers on a screen or because you don't get a cute package through the post or invited to the event of your dreams, isn't the way to go and that's the one piece of advice that I would give anyone who wants to be a blogger - don't use things like that to value your own self worth!

Although I'm finding myself using it more and more, I'm not a huge fan of the term small blogger, or small You Tuber, believe me when I say that there are way more of those then they are of the big boys! There are so many amazing bloggers and content producers out there that don't have a ton of subscribers and followers, and whilst I hope upon hope that they do get the recognition they deserve at the same time I really hope that even if they don't, they don't give up and they keep doing what they love, after all that's what it's all about at the end of the day.

I originally set my blog up to explore things that I love including fashion, beauty, food and home style, and whilst at time I've fallen out with the whole blogging thing, and the politics and stresses behind it at times, I haven't fell out of love with why I started blogging and maybe that is what's kept me going for 11 years.

So you haven't got rid of me that easily! I'm still here and when I'm up to it I'm still going to be sharing my life and my loves with you, so thank you again and again for all of your support, and for all of  your lovely comments and messages over the years I really do appreciate it more than you will ever know x

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  1. Self belief is so important
    11 years - thats something to CELEBRATE - well done


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