Sunday 10 September 2017

Nails Of The Day - OPI Cozu-Melted In The Sun - Redone

So very tired, is probably the best way to describe my mood today - I had a lovely night out last night celebrating my Auntie and Uncles' Golden Wedding Anniversary, it's weird but I find socialising very tiring so I've spent most of the day napping.

Instead of the recipe that I had planned to post today, I'm going to share a re-hashed nails of the day with you. Thanks to Photobucket, this was another one of the posts that I had to re shoot, but when I came to do it, it was so badly written that I thought I'd just completely rewrite it.

The polish itself is one from one my favourite polish brands, OPI. From the OPI Classics range, that showcases some of the OPI's most popular colours, Cozu-Melted In The Sun, is officially described as a shimmery, beige pink but I think that it's way more than that.

Packed full of shimmer and glitter, it almost seems to absorb the light, sometimes, it looks very bronze toned, some times it looks quite pink, and on other occasions it almost looks like rose gold, or metallic peach.

Considering all of the shimmer and glitter, this polish isn't the thickest so you need at least a couple of coats, to achieve a full on smooth and solid, glossy finish.

As the name suggests this polish would be great with a tan but don't think about this shade as just a summer colour though, it's in the OPI Classics range for a reason, the colour could easily work with some of the browns and tans that are so prevalent in the autumn months and of the course the sparkle makes it ideal for the festive season. Do you like Cozu-Melted In The Sun? Let me know x




  2. It looks really nice on you. Far better than it did on me! Hope you're doing ok x

  3. I didn't know you scrapbooked and made cards!!! so cool!! I have another thing in common with you!! *teehee* ^_^

    How are you? I have been wondering why I couldn't see your blog posts anymore and when I was changing my blog over to a new email address - it made me stop following you. so I re-followed!! YAY!!

    btw - the color look GORGEOUS!!!!

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  5. thanks ladies it's a nice colour x
    @Sara Louise - Thanks for the follow much appreciated x
    @Calia Yang - yeah I've crafted for a few years now welcome back
    @Juicygirl - I am so sorry lovely I haven't been too well this week but they were posted yesterday xx


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