Tuesday 15 August 2017

Nails Of The Day - OPI What's With The Cattitude?

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I last posted where on earth has the time gone! Technically you could argue that I've been a bad blogger for not posting but that isn't strictly true, I've uploaded a few You Tube videos, I've taken lots of photographs and I'm working on some upcoming posts, and I've been reshooting pictures and updating some of my older nails on the day posts.

I mentioned my issues with Photobucket in my previous post, and over the last couple of weeks I've been starting to redo some of my older nail polish and recipe posts, it's definitely a work in progress but thankfully most of the posts just need new pictures and a tiny bit of a rewrite - this particular one though needed a bit more work so I decided just to scrap the original and start it from scratch.

I originally shared a nails of the day featuring OPI What's With The Cattitude way back in 2010. The colour I believe was a limited edition release that came out with the OPI's Shrek Forever After collection.

Made in OPI's famous cream formulation, What's With The Cattitude? is a beautiful pastel blue shade with just a hint of turquoise. Like a lot of cream formulations, and white based colours, this one did have a tendency to streak , so I needed three applications to achieve full coverage on some nails. As a result it took a little bit longer to dry but it was worth the wait for the super glossy, long lasting finish.

This colour is perfect for the spring, and summer months, and it's a must have if you have a tan. This polish won't be the easiest one to track down now unfortunately but you can usually find something similar if you shop around. I haven't worn this shade for years, but now thanks to Photobucket (grrr) I've rediscovered it, and I've realised exactly why I bought it, and why I used to love it so much? Are you a fan of pastel blue nails? Let me know x 


  1. Your mum is so sweet :)
    That colour is so beautiful but for the price i'd expect it to be a better formula and not streak on you!

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  3. Good post and beautiful hands! The blue nail let me think of the article of blue elements.


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