Saturday 25 February 2017

A Tiny Little Primark Haul And A Shopping Trip Fail

This week I managed my first proper shopping trip since just before Christmas and to be honest it was all a bit of a fail. It started off well, I got my brows waxed at Benefit in Debenhams in Newcastle, and then I had a little play with their new box blush, GALifornia and as much as I wanted it I stayed strong and I didn't buy it, on reflection though, that was probably a mistake.

My aim was to have a look in Primark, have a look in Boots, and generally have an enjoyable afternoon, pottering around the shops, what I hadn't counted on though was half term and Storm Doris.

From the minute I stepped out of Eldon Square onto Northumberland Street, to the moment I got off the bus, just up the street from my house, it rained, the wind howled and did I say it rained! I was soaked within seconds so I decided just to go to Primark, grab a cup of coffee and then go home.

Being half term,  Primark was heaving, I did think that the rain might have put a few people off going shopping, but obviously not, we're Northerners a bit of rain doesn't put us off! The store is currently in that transition phase, between the dregs of winter fashion and the arrival of spring and summer clothes but there was still plenty of new things to look at.

I saw at least half a dozen things that I would have bought in a heartbeat, but I didn't and do you know why I didn't? They didn't have my size that's why! I usually go for an 18 or a 20 in Primark, and everything that I liked only seemed to come in a 4, a 6, an 8, or a 10. I know it's stupid but I felt so down on myself, there is nothing like a Primark trip at times to make you feel obese. Larger sizes can be quite hard to find in Primark at the best of times, but during the school holidays they seem to disappear without a trace, do they purposely bring in more smaller sizes? or do the larger sizes just sell out more quickly when the store is busier? Who knows, all I know is that it was a very, very frustrating trip.

I did manage to buy a couple of bits of though, but I didn't manage to buy any clothes whatsoever and I didn't spend what I intended to, so I could have bought my GALifornia after all grrr! I only bought a few bits so welcome to what will probably be the tiniest Primark haul ever!

Hair bobbles, are like socks, Kirby grips, and earring backs, they just seem to disappear without a trace. I know one of my cats Tallulah pinches the odd one or two, but I've literally had whole packs disappear with days? It's definitely one of life's mysteries as to where they all go!

I don't really see the point in spending a fortune on something that's just going to disappear into thin air, so I now buy most of my hair bobbles and ties from Primark. I'm quite liking this spiral / telephone cord style of bobble at the moment, they don't catch or damage the hair, and unlike some of the other ones out there you can actually use them to hold back quite a lot of hair. They do stretch slightly in time, but most of mine never hang around long enough for that to happen. 😂 I got two different types, I got a pack of 8 of the fabric style in a black, a brown and a cream, and I also got a pack of 12 of the plastic, rubbery invisibobble dupes, in various shades of brown, both of these packs retail at just £1 each, which is great value for money for something that I'm probably just going to lose anyway.

I had a little look round the beauty section, and whilst there was a few bits that I may go on to buy in the future (Primer Water anyone?), I only bought one other thing - a nail polish. This is one of their Precious Metal One Coast Nail Lacquers, and this one is in the colour Groupie. It isn't that easy to see the correct shade very well in this photograph, but it's one of those weird bronze, mauve, pink metallic shades. As you know I have a love / hate relationship with metallic and foil polishes, thanks to my inbuilt hatred of visible brush strokes but for just £1.50 I thought that this one was worth a try.

After looking around and feeling a bit more meh and frustrated, I headed up to the top floor and to my safe place, the home section. I really, really love Primark's home section, it's always so fresh, and it's full of those little things that make a house a home, I have a few of their bedding sets, I regularly buy their fitted sheets if I want a splash of colour, and as a family we love their micro fibre throws. They had some gorgeous things in this time round including the cutest new Disney collection, some adorable Winnie The Pooh prints, some new luxury sheets and pillowcases, and some gorgeous faux cacti. To be honest though I didn't really need anything so I just bought a couple of blogging related bits.

Well if you can't beat them, as the saying goes, join them! I've always spent my life rallying against the norm, but as hard as I've tried to ignore the trend for marble backgrounds in blog pictures and on Instagram, I've finally succumbed and do you know what I think I like it!. I know some bloggers use paper, card and tiles, but I think that in most cases these table mats will fit the bill perfectly. I'll gradually be introducing them into my blog and Instagram pictures so stick around to see what they look like. They are wipe clean and they have a non scratch and non slip cork backing, and they are just £3 for a set of 4. If you want to use these as table mats, which I may still do, Primark also sell a set of matching drinks coasters, so that you can create your own Instagram worthy dinner table.

If the marble and rose gold look, is your thing then Primark also have a few marble effect stationery items in store at the moment too, including pencil cases, and notebooks. I nearly bought one of the notebooks actually but then I saw this one.

I know a few people have issues with this statement, but I know who I am, and I probably do have more issues, hang ups, and quirks than Vogue! This is actually a really nice notebook, with ruled pages, a matte black cover, and rose gold type, and an elasticated page marker. I didn't need it but hey I love my stationery, and this notebook was just £2.50 so somehow it ended up in my basket.

Thanks to my ranting and rambling, I've managed to stretch out this haul post for way longer than I thought I would, and if you want to hear more of my rambling and if you want to see a little extra Poundland purchase, then have a little look at the accompanying You Tube video below or via this link.

Although this particular Primark trip was a total fail, I can definitely see myself popping into Primark in the near future, I'm determined to hunt down my size in a few of the bits that I saw, so my Primark love in, whilst currently on hiatus, will no doubt continue in the near future. Have you found anything nice in Primark recently? Let me know in the comments x

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