Saturday 7 January 2017

A Late December 2016 Primark Haul

As I've said before I'm not really a one of making new years resolutions, but every year I promise myself that this will be the year when I rein in my spending and try and save a bit of money, and this year is no different. in 2017 I'm definitely going to try and cut down on my spending  and I'm going to try and be a bit more selective about what I do buy and obviously I'm going to try and cut down on the haul posts. Will I achieve it ? Only time will tell I guess x

Anyways back on point and what have I got for you today? Well a haul post of course LOL, to be fair though this haul is from last year, or should I say last month, and it's my final Primark haul of 2016.

I managed a couple of Primark visits in December and whilst i was good and mainly bought pressies for my friends and family, I did pick a few bits and pieces for me :)

I'm going to be honest and say that this jacket, come long line kimono, come over shirt, has no hanger appeal at all, it needs a body to fill it out. It's basically a long line lightweight crepe jacket, with no fastenings, or buttons, and slightly flared kimono like sleeves, and side pockets. I love the floral pattern and the flowing feel. You can get some trousers in the same print, to give more of a suit look, but personally I'm going to be wearing this over a skinny trouser, a skinny jean or a pair of leggings. This jacket was £15.

I don't know why it is, but ever since Christmas I've been in the grip of a pretty major Fibro / CFS flare, and all I've wanted to do is sleep :( I've had an awful lot of duvet days over the last fortnight or so, and I've spent a lot of time in my PJ's. I love my PJ's and even though Santa bought me several pairs for Christmas, I can't resist buying cute pairs of PJ's when I see them.

These are just cream, legging style, drawstring waist, PJ pants, with a pale grey / beige and pink Pusheen the cat print. I love anything cat related and this Pusheen is super cute. These PJ pants were £8.

Although I have seen a Pusheen t-shirt in Primark's nightwear section before, I couldn't find a top that matched these pants so instead I decided to get a toning, vest top.

This creamy, ivory vest top was also from the nightwear / lounge wear section, and it's made of a super soft fabric, it contains an internal bra shelf, and it features adjustable shoulder straps, and a cute lace trim. It was only £2.50 and I think that it will coordinate not only with these Pusheen pants but also a lot of my other nightwear pieces.

Next up jewellery and I make no apologies that this haul is about 80% jewellery. I love fine jewellery as much as the next person but cheaper jewellery pieces are perfect for buying the on trend pieces, or for trying something new or even for expanding your own jewellery wardrobe. 

Primark is one of the best places for buying on trend and fashion pieces, their stock changes so regularly you can pretty much guarantee that you can pick up a least one of two pieces that are right on trend. One of the biggest trends, at the moment, jewellery wise has to be the disc or circle pendant. If you love the look that the likes of Links Of London, and Thomas Sabo, are all championing at the moment, but you don't have that kind of budget, then Primark should be your first port of call,

Unfortunately this photo doesn't do this piece justice. It's basically a silver tone chain, which comes, with a silver tone, crystal studded disc pendant. It's is super sparkly and it was just £1.50. My Godmother has a Thomas Sabo bracelet which features small almost identical diamond studded discs and this necklace matches it perfectly for about a 40th of the price! Okay it's not silver, or white gold or real diamonds but the look is definitely there.

This Y necklace that I also picked up has a similar smaller disc at the top of the Y, and at the base of the Y, is has a filigree disc, that is surrounded  by a crystal studded disc. This necklace has a real designer look and it was just £2 - Bargain!

The next necklace that I got is a double layer necklace, and this time it is in a rose gold tone.

The top strand features, an initial, I think they had all of the most common initials, but obviously I went for the letter L for Louise :). The second strand features an almost identical disc to the previous necklace only this time in the rose gold tone. It has a filigree centre, and it's surrounded by a crystal studded outer ring. This necklace was £2.

My final Primark jewellery purchase was a pair of birthstone earrings, which were just £1.50.

I can't remember what the correct name for these earrings is but I always call them back to front earrings. I can never describe this type of earring properly but these particular ones feature a gold ball stud (which you can wear separately) which is the part that goes through the ear, and they have a round green, crystal drop which is slightly set back. Useless description I know but I hope you know what I mean LOL. These particular earrings are birthstone themed, and being a May baby, these ones have a green faux emerald crystal stone. I also got my mum a pair of these for Christmas - her birthday is in September so hers have a deep blue, faux sapphire stone. These earrings were just £1.50 and I think that they would make a lovely birthday pressie for anyone with pierced ears.

The final two things that I picked up last month were both beauty related bits, first up a duo pack of my favourite face wipes for just £1

and I also picked up a tube of this GWA Girls With Attitude Brush On Eyelash Glue which was reduced to £2.

I really struggle with false lashes, and I particularly struggle with the glue. I always end up squeezing way too much out and making a mess, so I'm really hoping that this brush on adhesive will make it a little bit easier - I really want 2017 to be the year when I master false lashes!

I've made a little You Tube video to accompany this haul which you can see below or via this link

If you have any questions on anything that I've bought, then please leave me a comment below, and if you've written a Primark haul post, or uploaded a Primark haul video recently, then please leave me your links below so I have a nose and see what bargains you've picked up x 


  1. I love love love Primark. The closest one to where I live is about an hours train ride away. Whenever I go, I always manage to spend at least £100 in there, its crazy! Pyjamas get bought every single time!

  2. I love a good primark haul. Some of those necklaces are gorgeous!


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