Wednesday 27 July 2016

Nails Of The Day - Illamasqua Seance And A TK Maxx Love In

If you love a bargain and especially a high end or a quirky one, then one of my favourite shops to go to is TK Maxx. One of the first stores in the North East opened many moon ago near my dads old workplace and from the very first moment I stepped through the door I was heaven. Over the years I've picked up all sorts of bargains from Missoni cardigans and towels, to Givenchy and Emilio Pucci handbags - It can take a bit of time to search through the rails but believe me there are gems to be had!

When I was young and skinny I used to head straight to the clothes but nowadays I tend to gravitate more towards the beauty section. Yes I know it can sometimes look like a disaster zone with opened and smashed products left, right and centre but if you're after something a bit unusual or something that's been discontinued for sale at a bargain price, then TK Maxx is well worth a look - case in point this beautiful nail polish from Illamasqua, which I picked up a couple of months ago for just £3.99 (RRP £14.50!!)

Originally released in 2013 as part of their Paranormal collection, Illamasqua Seance, was one of their limited edition UV Glow nail varnishes. Whilst I haven't managed to go into a club or a bar to test out it's glowing aspect, I can still appreciate the beauty of this polish

Described as a bright violet, this beautiful pink / purple shade is crammed full of silver sparkle that gives it an almost holographic appearance. Application was nigh on perfect, one coat gave almost full coverage, and gave a more pink colour, but add a second coat like I have here, and the true bright purple shade comes into it's own.

This polish dried almost instantaneously and it wore well. Despite containing a whole load of sparkle, this polish has a super smooth finish.Whilst the camera flash suggests otherwise, this isn't the glossiest polish I've ever used in fact it has more of a satin finish, obviously if you wanted a glossy finish, then you could use a top coat but I like it just the way it is.

Alas this polish was a limited edition and unless you can find it in a TK Maxx store or online then you're probably out of luck. I'm pretty pleased that I managed to pick up this shade though, I love everything about it, from the colour, to the finish, and the formulation. 

I'm definitely going to pick up some more Illamasqua polishes up in the future and I'm also going to keep checking out the beauty section in TK Maxx, to see what other bargains I can find? Have you picked up anything interesting in TK Maxx lately? Let me know x 


  1. I *love* TK, I buy skincare & nail polish, shirts & socks for my husband, recipe books, dresses and licorice!

  2. That polish is beaut Louise, so pretty. I love TK Maxx, their kids bit is great for clothes, books and toys and I love the home bits too x


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