Saturday 2 January 2016

Sample Saturday - Evolve Tropical Blossom Body Polish - A Review For My Pure*

I've had quite a few new blog followers over the last month so I make no apology for repeating this statement for the probably the millionth time - I love body scrub, no I don't love it, I am in fact obsessed with it!

For years and years I never understood why I needed to use a separate exfoliator, that was until  I started to develop ingrown hairs on my legs. The introduction of an exfoliator into my body care routine made such a difference that I never looked back. I've got a few favourites that I keep going back to, but I love trying new things so for the second of December's My Pure reviews I decided to try another one of their natural body scrubs.

Although I 'm quite familiar with most of the brands on My Pure now, Evolve was one of the brands that I hadn't managed to try. Based in Hertfordshire, Evolve produce a small range of hand made, organic skin and body care products which are all based on natural, and super food ingredients.

The first product I decided to try from Evoke had to be a body scrub. Although I don't expose a lot of skin at this time of year, I still remove excess body hair, and the cold weather can often leave the skin feeling dry and rough, so a good moisturising scrub is always an essential for me no matter what the season, and the Evoke Tropical Blossom Body Polish definitely fits the bill.

Packaged in a glass jar, this soap free scrub is crammed full of ingredients that are not amazing for the skin, but ingredients that are also amazing for the senses. With a base of organic sugar, this scrub is full of sweet almond oil, and Tahitian Monoi.

Tahitian Monoi, oh the magic words, I adores this stuff and anything that contains it. It's described as "the sacred oil of the Polynesians" and what it basically is, is pure coconut oil, that is infused with the blossoms, of the Tahitian Gardenia flower. The result is a beautifully scented oil with restorative and antioxidant properties.

Simply massage some of this finely grained, oil laden scrub onto dry skin, then add a little bit of warm water, and enjoy the resulting creamy, hydrating milk, that rinses away easily and leaves the skin silky soft and fragrant.

This scrub feels amazing on the skin but for me the real selling point is the fragrance. The weather is dull and dreary at the moment and it seems an awful long time till summer, Smell this delicate, exotic floral fragrance with just a hint of coconut though, and your transported to a warm, tropical island in an instant. 
The love is real with this one and when I've finished all of the other scrubs in my collection I'll definitely be making room for another tub of this one in my shower. The Evolve Tropical Blossom Body Polish is available from My Pure and comes in two sizes , the 30ml travel size that you can see here which retails at £3.33, and the 180ml size which retails at £20.00. Are you as obsessed with scrubs as I am? Let me know xx


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