Monday 13 January 2014

Changing Your Nail Polish - Festive Edition

For my first nail post of 2014 I thought I'd take a little look back at some of the nail polishes and nail looks that I wore over the festive period.

This polish has to be one of the most beautiful colours and finishes that I have in my collection. I am a huge fan of holographic nail polishes and this beautiful green - Dragon by a england is by far one of the best.

A beautiful bright, deep green is absolutely full of smooth holographic sparkle, that twinkles and dazzles in the light. I've done my best here but no picture will ever do this colour or finish justice.

Amazing isn't it! I love everything about this polish and I've decided that in 2014 I will definitely add some more a-england polishes to my collection

As festive as it is on its own, I decided to pimp it up a bit and add a few Santa and stocking nail stickers which I bought ages ago from Viva La Nails. Nail stickers are probably one of the easiest forms of nail art simply peel of the sticker from the sheet, position them on the nail and then pop some top coat on to seal it - simples.

You can't get anymore Christmassy than bright red nails - I'm not always the biggest lover of the red nail though so I went for something different - a darker more pearly red courtesy of Révérence de Bastien.

Whilst I'd heard of pedicurist Bastien Gonzalez I wasn't aware that he had his own products line until I received a couple of bits in some of 2013 Birchbox boxes. The imaginatively titled No. 13 is a beautifully deep slightly shimmery polish that is dermatologically tested and 3 free.

This is such a glamorous and classic colour that looks amazing at any time of year, but I couldn't resist a little fiddle and again I used some nail stickers on some accent nails, this time these cute little Christmas trees that I picked up in a recent Poundland haul.

On to Christmas Day itself I had all of these plans about the fancy nails that I was going to create to match my festive outfit

I was thinking a lovely deep navy covered in white snowflakes, but I never managed it, lack of time and wrist pains meant that I just ended up with plain navy blue nails.

I say plain navy blue but that isn't quite true Avon Nailwear Pro + Nail Enamel in Stunning Cobalt is actually shot through with lots of sparkle. It isn't as sparkly or obvious as I would have liked but  it still gives the nail a lovely finish..

The final festive nail look I want to show you is something that I wore at the weekend for New Years tea at my Godparents - Again I wanted to coordinate my nails with my outfit and in particular this top which is actually navy blue trimmed with silver sequins.

So again I started off with a basic navy blue polish - this one is aptly named, deep midnight blue, Play Til' Midnight by OPI.

I could have left it plain but to make it really match my top - I decided to add a sparkly, chunky, silver glitter tip using Barbara Daly bd nail polish in Spellbound*

So they were just some of the nail looks that I wore over the festive period x If you have any questions on any of the polishes or any of the nail stickers please leave me a comment x You may have noticed that my nails are a little bit longer than what they were, well in the next week or so I'm going to do a full review / rave of the system that I've been using  - Dr Lewinns Renunail. Just a hint - this stuff has worked where so many products have failed! so stay following to read my thoughts xx See you soon xx

(*bd Barbara Daly Make Up Nail Polish In Spellbound Was Provided For Review / Promotional Purposes)

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