Saturday 23 February 2013

Trendy Lips - Erm Not Really

Once in a while as a blogger you sent a product that you would never have purchased yourself. This isn't necessarily a bad thin, believe me I've discovered several amazing products this way, alas though this isn't one of them.

Quite some time ago now I received two packets of Trendy Lip Wraps Temporary Lip Wraps. Similar in theory to the jazzy nails wraps that still seem to be everywhere, in it's simplest terms these are temporary tattoos for your lips. They come in a wide variety of colours, designs and patterns -  I received the Red Leopard, and Rainbow designs.

Each pack included 3 sets of lip wraps, all you do is push out the die cute lip shapes from the sheet. You then follow the simple instructions provided to trim the lip shapes to size.

I'm afraid this is where the problems start the bottom lip wasn't to bad, since my lips are a little bit uneven it wasn't perfect but it wasn't too bad. The top lip was a different story no matter what facial expression I pulled or how much I trimmed I couldn't achieve anything looking anyway good enough.My top lip was just the wrong shape and the wrap was just too flat and straight for my lips.

After chopping and trimming, I thought what the hell and decided to apply them anyway. Application in theory seems simple. Remember the temporary tattoos from your childhood (or more recently;) or nail water decals, this is the same principle. The lip wraps are basically in three layers, the cardboard backing, the lip wrap itself, and a plastic covering, all you need to do it moisten them and the layers should come apart. Really? well the cardboard backing came away fairly easily, shame about the other two layers - in only one case did the wrap  slip of the plastic easily, every other one was a nightmare and the two layers either wouldn't separate at all, or the wrap itself got damaged in the process.

Once you've managed to separate the wrap from it's covering, it's time to pop onto clean dry lips. Still easier said than done - the wraps are really fragile, and it's really easy to damage them or crease them when your trying to apply them. In theory I guess these are supposed to stick to your lips but in the hour I wore it, it never felt secure - they supposedly last for 8 hours not on me though, I needed no oil or anything to remove it, it just slipped straight off. What do they look like on? well a bit weird in my case as I could only get them to work on my bottom lip, see for yourself

I really hate doing reviews like this that are so negative. I always try to find some positives but with these I'm really struggling. I may have got a bad batch with could explain when I found them so difficult to remove from the backing, but even if that was the case I still couldn't make these work for me :( The plain and simple fact is not every body has the same shaped lips, even with following the instructions and cut lines I couldn't make these work for me :( Trendy Lip Wraps are available in lots of different designs and have a recommended retail price of £4.95 for a pack of 3, they are available from various retailers including Amazon and the Trendy website. Have you tried a product like this before? let me know in the comments x

(Trendy Lip Wraps In Rainbow Print And Red Leopard Print Were Provided For Review / Promotional Purposes)


  1. I think the lip wrap thingies are weird anyways, who would want leopard print lips? I do like the idea for nails though, I've used some Sally Hansen ones myself before.

  2. I've always wondered who actually thought it would be a good idea to make these for your lips! Nails I can understand but lips just seems weird and like you said, not everyone has the same lip shape so I can imagine them being incredibly fiddly.

  3. Thanks ladies I totally agree - the look isn't for most people and their just way to fiddly for me. I have a huge variety of nail wraps to use just need my nails to grow a bit hmm xx

  4. Even when they do go on properly, they are a strange idea. I tried some leopard print ones that I got from Ebay, and while I got them on okay, from a distance my lips just looked diseased and unpleasant!

    1. Thanks for your comment lovely I agree I really don't think this is a look thats for me

  5. I wore the glitter red one to an event once, and it was soo drying, it began peeling, making my lips sore.

  6. I always want to give these a try because I think they look great but it specifically says not to cut the top of the shape and my lips are very small so I reckon it would stretch off my lips and onto my skin :/


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