Thursday 18 October 2007

The Wanderer Returns!

I am back !!! Returned to cold and dreary England late on Sunday night! God what a change! the temperature in Cyprus never dropped below 30 degrees during the day!

I had fab time - the weather was great, the hotel and resort was lovely, the food was great even I found something to eat - great cheese, veg, yogurt, eggs and cocktails ;) I even put weight on!

The beach was fab and was really relaxing - I have had colder baths than the sea all with ickle fish swimming around your feet. The shops were really good too and I bought loads of stuff including jewellery, smellies, candle holders and of course handbags! We went to Nicosia too which was a nice change from the beach and there were even more super cute shops and big department stores like Debenhams.

Perhaps though the best thing was that I hardly felt a single ME ache or pain in all the time I was there - admittedly the heat made me tired and the airport was a bit bleurgh! but the warmth really helped my aching muscles - that was a huge plus point and is a major reason why we will definitely go back!

Plus the kitty cats seemed to have a good time too what more could you ask?

Here are some pics to make you jealous!

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