Thursday 10 May 2007

Celebrity Fashion Ranges?

This week has saw the launch of yet another celebrity inspired or designed clothing range "Lily Loves" - Lily Allen for New Look - not all of it too my taste but the peep toes were yummy and I did get a nice blue dress :)

The Kate Moss launch at Top Shop the other week looked mental and to be honest in my opinion it wasn't really that great anyway - I am not the biggest fan of the waistcoat and hot pants look and on bank holiday Monday I saw 3 pansy print dresses!! Admittedly I got a couple of vest tops from the range from Top Shop online and I do like them but I have to say you are probably paying for the Kate logo, they are just normal button detail vest tops that Top Shop would probably sell for £6 without the Kate link !

True I have also succumbed in the past I love the Celia Birtwell stuff for Top Shop and the Stella McCartney for H&M but surely it has to stop I have only bought things because I like them but some people have a tendency to buy anything that vaguely has a designer link for a bit of cheap prestige - I saw a girl today swinging her Kate carrier bag like it was a bleeding Fendi! and that isn't to mention the ebay money making £154 for a Lily Allen dress - people must be mad or incredibly intelligent one of the two!

I suppose all stores see the potential success of a designer link up Colleen with Asda and even the Katie Price swimwear range for Asda 8) - a popular celebrity or designer means a hike up in profits and loads of good publicity - If people keep buying it shops will keep doing it - just make sure its something nice and wearable!

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