Saturday 14 April 2007

Wills and Kate - Who Cares?

I wonder if I am the only person not to care about Prince William and Kate Middleton's Split! They are going on like someone has died, news headlines saying "tragic", people are dying all over the blinking world and this is the lead headline!
Get A Life People!


  1. Yeah I know. I don't "get it" either. I wasn't bothered when it was announced they were officially an item, let alone when they split.

  2. Me too. I dont give a toss! And the papers are still going on about it - posting articles about her, photos of her, saying how bothered she is. Get over it!

  3. To be honest I wish he'd stayed with her - William and Fearne Cotton and several European Socialites popping up in every single mag and Sunday rag -STOP!


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