Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Aches, Pains, Friends and Ho Ho Ho!

I haven't been around here too much lately but to be honest nothing exciting has happened.
I have had so many crappy days with my ME, I have nearly finished my Xmas shopping and I met up with some old work colleagues for a meal and a bit of shopping which was fab. I really felt normal and part of the gang again even though I was jiggered when I got back!
Managed little look to TK Maxx yesterday which was fun bought some lovely cosy Emu boots in chocolate brown and a gorgeous suede Miu Miu belt!
The day was soured when we had an argument with an obnoxious and aggressive old man in Sainsburys car park - respect your elders not when they act like lunatics!!
Got home to watch the news and found out that the missing presumed dead canoeist who turned up in London used to teach me in junior school - its a funny world we live in!
After my relatively decent day I had the night from hell! I had a headache, earache and I felt like my arms were being snapped off - it never rains but it pours!