Monday, 19 November 2007

I'm Here Again!

I haven't posted for a bit for a few reasons.
First of all I have been absolutely jiggered to high heaven -I have tried to do a bit of Xmas shopping over the last week and it has just about finished me off! Aches and pains to the hilt with little relief thankfully though I am at last coming to the end of what has been a difficult spell and returning to my normal levels of ME suffering :(
Another reasons for the lack of posts is that I have discovered facebook! My god if that isn't a way to waste a few hours of your life I don't know what is!
Had a bit of a disappointment this week - my missing Top Shop parcel is officially missing and they have refunded my money! I suppose this is a good thing but I really wanted my things (two of which have now sold out!!!!) so it is extremely frustrating!
The football has actually gone OK in the last fortnight first of all Newcastle didn't lose the Sunderland derby game! OK we only drew but at least we didn't lose that would have been horrific! Then we come to the weekend just gone - thanks to a fab result by Israel, England can still qualify for Euro 2008 - all they have to do is beat Croatia without Michael Owen. Oh did I add he got injured again! If he keeps going at this rate he will be right up their with previous Newcastle United crocks like Marcelino!
On the plus side I had a lovely later from an old work friend and we are planning to meet up in a few weeks I am really looking forward to it as I haven't seen her for ages - that is indeed something to look forward too and something to try and stay fit for!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

A Bit Of A Bad Week!

This week was always going to be difficult for reasons which I will come too but it definitely didn't start well.

I managed to go to the Newcastle / Portsmouth match on Saturday - argh! - 3-0 down after less than 15 minutes and a 4-1 defeat wasn't what I had in mind - on the plus side I did manage and ickle bit of Xmas shopping. Trouble was it was probably way too much physically for me, leaving me absolutely exhausted and in pain for the last few days! Bugger ME!

Monday 5th November was always going to be a difficult day for me. It was five years to the day the my dad died. I know time helps you to learn to cope and accept things like the death of a parent but for some reason this year I felt worse than I had in a while. I know it has a lot to do with the fireworks meaning I will never forget the day but you just look at what has happened to you over time and how much say my dad has missed - it really gets to you sometime and brings everything back to the surface as if it were yesterday rather than five years ago.

To be brutally honest not much else has gone right this week either I am waiting for parcels that won't come, I have felt as though I could eat for Britain and my lovely friend Helen sent me an email that was so big it crashed my email system - roll on broadband!

Hopefully the week can get better - I am planning on going on a little shopping trip with my mum tomorrow - it will exhaust the hell out of me but I need to feel normal !