Thursday, 14 July 2011

Blog Award Time

Hi Guys
Sorry it's been a bit quiet on the blogging front this week, the best of intentions have come to nothing I'm afraid, but don't worry the mojo has been recovered and you can expect another couple of posts before the week is out, including a Cherry Culture haul and a review, but first up something a bit different x
It's been an awful long time since I've done one of these so apologies if you've given me an award or tagged me and I haven't responded. Last week the lovely Jess from Lovely Jubbly kindly awarded me The Best Blog Award

Rules upon receiving this award are to 1) answer the following questions 2) mention and link who passed you the award 3) share seven facts about yourself 4) Award 15 blogs - so lets get started :)


What's You Favourite Colour?
I love colour but if I had to choose it would be turquoise or teal, blue purple, and silver 

What's Your Favourite Song?
Another hard one I love all types of music but the song I never tire of hearing is The Stereophonics - Dakota

What's Your Favourite Dessert?
Too hard to say just one, I love anything creamy, chocolatey, caramel related pretty much anything sweet goes

What's Pissing You Off?
Not mincing its words this question is it lol- urm lack of money, horrid weather and non paying ebay buyers

When Your Upset You...
Cry, eat, or shop online

Black or White?
Neither - Jasper's ginger fur shows up on my black clothes and Jake and Tallulah's dark fur shows up on my white clothes

Biggest Fear?
Being Alone

Your Best Feature?
It used to be my ankles but an evil scar saw the end of that, probably my ears

Everyday Attitude?
One day at a time x

What is Perfection?
No such thing, nobody or nothing is ever perfect - there is nothing wrong with a little imperfection

Guilty Pleasure?
Mozzarella cheese straight from the packet, listening to bad music, QVC

7 Facts About Me
  1. My cat Tallulah was named after actress Tallulah Bankhead

2. The first concert I ever went to was Guns N Roses, supported by Faith No More and Soundgarden at Gateshead Stadium

3.I once nearly fainted at an Oasis concert and had to be hurled out of the front row upside down !!

4. I once owned nearly 200 pairs of shoes - I've sold a lot since then !

5. I hate marzipan with a passion and anything that tastes or smells of it

6. I collect piggin figures I have about 100 + of them on a shelving unit in my room

7. Blogging has saved me whilst being ill - it's given me contact with others and something to do - a fabulous hobby :)

Award 15 Bloggers This Award

I really wish I could have given you all one, blog reading has become a pretty major past time for me lately lol x Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon x

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