Thursday, 1 April 2010

NOTD and A Purchase :)

OK day one of the month and I've spent some money already it wasn't really my fault though ;) I had to go and collect my prescription from the chemists and because of the super long bank holiday weekend ahead it was crammed, I put the prescription in , went to Tesco and I still had 15 minutes to wait when I came back - argh! So I was pretty much stuck, I couldn't be bothered to go anywhere else so I waited - I've said before it's a tiny chemists with only a little BYS /Laura Paige stand and a Rimmel display so I had a little look and fell in love with something on the Rimmel stand. Yeah I admit it - in a NOTD post it was obviously a nail polish :) I bought a 60 second nail polish in 640 Twinkle
It's a gorgeous pinky / lilac colour a little bit more intense than it looks here
I am wearing two coats here and as you can see the coverage is great and it dries super quick especially for being a glitter polish! I couldn't really see the glitter in the shop but it has lots of tiny multi coloured glitter particles in it which you can probably see better here
So there you my first spends of the month the grand total of £3.49 but I have to say I think it will be well spent - so far I am really impressed with the quality and the application


  1. That looks similar in colour to the nail polish I am wearing today, appart from mine is an old 17 one.


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