Thursday, 22 February 2007

ME Sucks!!!!!!

Hello, my name is Louise and I have ME!

ME sucks at the best of times but I am having a bad day! I am exhausted and I feel like somebody has kicked me down the stairs and then jumper up and down on me - in fact so much so I probably shouldn't be typing away here :(

Peoples attitudes are hacking me off at the moment too - nobody hardly seems to understand - Their attitudes fall into a couple of camps at the moment mainly if I can't see there is something wrong with you there isn't and if the doctors can't cure it then it can't exist!

I know this is something I am going to have to get used too - but it makes you feel so much worse when people appear to be dismissing your illness as not really existing or just been tired - it is so much more than that!

Sorry for the rant but thats what blogs are for - I am now going to retreat to a darkened room x

Runny Eyes!

Completely off topic today but my eyes are running like a tap - I haven't changed my make up or anything else they are just really sore and drippy!
My hairdresser flicked a bit of hair in my eye the other day but now they've both started! - I think I'll try some eye drops!

Musings On Look Magazine

I am a complete magazineaholic so when a new fashion based mag was launched of course I was first in the queue (at least for the trial price issues).
Along the lines of Grazia this mags major plus point is that it features clothes that are instore now - non of the weeks of waiting you can go out and buy the items that day - another major plus for me is that they feature a lot of things I already have - the famous Primark flowery dress and Lily Allens New Look Frock! - I must be dong something right :)
Where it falls down though with me is its over reliance on naff celeb gossip - every issue now has mentioned Danielle bleedin Lloyd - stick to fashion Look and I'll keep buying stick too much celeb gossip in and I'll save myself some cash!

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Guilty Pleasures - Part 1 - QVC

Surely I can't be alone in my affection for QVC The Shopping Channel!

Once very much a standing joke it is now the place to shop - with fab top of the range beauty products, craft, and jewellery all without leaving your chair!

Like Innovations catalogues and Lakeland you can always find something you desperately have to have even though a minute ago you never knew it existed!

My latest must have is a fab invention called the Grip To Me Coat Hanger - sort of skinny velour coated coat hangers - the clothes literally cling to them and don't fall off and because they are so thin you can fit more items in your wardrobe.

Its quite embarrassing to get excited over coat hangers but they have made such a difference to my wardrobe - they have created more space and you know that that means - more shopping and more clothes!

Yup once a haven for naff porcelain dolls QVC does it again and brings us something fab!

Wonka or WAG? - You Decide!

Here we go a nice new photo!

Huge wannabe a WAG sunnies like Posh - Perfect for that air of mystery that a blog needs ! Either that or I look like Johnny Depp in Willy Wonka - I never remember Gene Wilder wearing huge scary lenses!

Monday, 12 February 2007

Welcome To Lou Lou Land !!!

I always said I would never have a blog - too much effort, pointless, only weirdos have blogs! Yes I thought all of this so whats changed! Not a lot really more spare time to think and more spare time to spend sharing my musings on life!
Okay - maybe this isn't exactly going to be Belle De Jour but who knows where it will lead - one thing is for certain though my bestie mate Helen has first rights to do the movie script!